Posh Frocks & Wellies delivers a fun, themed event where you participate in a unique, self-guided activity which is delivered via smartphone. Location-based activities such as Posh Frocks & Wellies walks enable you to explore a specific area, learn more about what’s around you, and take on some fun challenges along the way.

Location-based events involve a route, are sometimes circular, and may cover a nature trail, pub trail or cultural trail. Some combine more than one of these themes. Full details are in the description on our web site.

The event can be activated and run at any time during a set time period. It is personalised with your chosen title (e.g. Sarah’s Hen, Gemma’s Birthday, The Smith Family Holiday, and so on). It includes:

  • Detailed route steps with photo/s and description of each step, along with GPS tracking for location for location-based activities
  • Detailed step-by-step tutorial for all other activities
  • A fun camera challenge game
  • A history section so you can review where you’ve been or what step you’ve reached
  • A guide section which explains how it works

“The Posh Frocks & Wellies was brilliant. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. The photo game was really fun!”